The lighting industry in Poland is characterized by seasonality. Sales are typically lower in the first half of the year and start to rise in the “lighting season”, which includes the third and fourth quarter.
This industry is very heavily dependent on the economic situation in the construction sector. This applies to both the domestic and foreign markets.
The total value of export sales within the Polish lighting industry accounts for about one third of the market. In a good economy, the largest recipient of Polish lighting products are the European Union countries, which account for over three quarters of all export revenue.
The European economic crisis has motivated the lighting manufacturers to search for outlet markets outside of the EU. The main destinations include the Middle and Far East, and South America.

Sector of the luminaires’ producers making for about 60% of the lighting market (remaining 40% is for so called light sources) is characterized by high fragmentation. Main part of the producers (from few hundred up to a thousand) are small companies, usually family business - employing several people, with its main activity on the market of home light appliances.

Sector of professional lighting technology
ES-SYSTEM belongs to a group of several Polish companies operating in the sector of professional lighting, among others: lighting for public and industrial facilities, open areas and illumination of architectural objects. Besides luminaires production companies from this group offer to their clients assistance in selecting fixtures for specific project and often render project design services. Sales are done through specialist wholesalers and directly to investors.

Lighting market in Poland

Specification 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011
ES-SYSTEM - value of sales (in thousands of PLN) 184 160 169 016 166 419 169 323 169 661
Sold production of lighting equipment and lamps (in thousands of PLN) 5 976 269 5 648 420 4 495 841 4 620 068 3 603 177
ES-SYSTEM share in the lighting sector (%) 3,08 2,99 3,70 3,66 4,71
Sold production of luminaires (in thousands of PLN) (60% of the market) 3 585 761 3 389 052 2 697 505 2 772 041 2 161 906
ES-SYSTEM share in the luminaire production market (%) 5,14 4,99 6,17 6,11 7,85
Sold production of luminaires without home and decorative lighting (in thousands of PLN) (65% of the lighting fixtures market) 2 330 745 2 202 884 1 753 378 1 801 827 1 405 239
ES-SYSTEM share in the market of professional lighting (%) 7,90 7,67 9,49 9,40 12,07
Source: GUS (Central Statistical Office)

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