Energy saving

Wasteful energy management, fast economic growth especially in the Far East region, and connected with it rapid increase in numbers of urbanization programs and following it increase in demand for energy in the opinion of scientists from many university research centers in the next few years (up to 20) such extravagant energy management may lead to catastrophic energy deficit. Additionally extraordinary dynamic increase of energy consumption will have negative effects on the natural environment on the worldwide scale. It was estimated that with the present development rate on the global scale demand for energy will go up to 300% in 2025 compare to 2005. Results of such increase are difficult to foresee. For many years highly developed countries have been undertaking actions to limit energy consumption including energy used by building. Average energy performance of buildings realized in traditional technology is 200 kWh/m2/year

Exemplary value of energy performance of buildings, per square meter, per year:

Country kWh/m2/year
Germany 98
Denmark 115
Sweden 120
Finland 128
USA 180
Poland 185
Norway 240
China 250
Source: Prof. L. Bylund, Oslo University, 2005

Such action are also being undertaken by the European Union which in 2002 established European Climate Change Programme and in 2005 published the Directive 2005/32/WE of the European Parliament and of the Council dated 6 July 2005, establishing a framework for the setting of ecodesign requirements for energy-using products.

The goal set by the EU for the year 2020 is to achieve the energy consumption indicator at the level of 80 kWh/m2/year.

Essential source of the energy consumption decrease is reduction of the energy consumption, especially energy used for lighting purposes.

Many of functioning buildings – offices use 15-29 W/m2 for the lighting purposes. It is possible to design lighting installations fulfilling the efficiency parameter 7-8 W/m2 by optimizing all parameters and keeping high lighting standards defined by the European norms.

From the very beginning ES -SYSTEM Group has been realizing its ENERGY SAVING mission. In case of most projects it is possible to convince clients to optimize energy consumption for the lighting purposes and to implement such technological solutions in which the initial cost might be higher but the effective decrease of the energy consumption below average standards gives actual savings and covers higher initial costs. Higher quality of products, their reliability and implemented energy saving solutions enable lowering usage costs by 60-70%.

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