Capital Group

ES-SYSTEM company has been present in the lighting sector since 1990. In the year 1990 took place a consolidation of existing partnerships of ES-SYSTEM into one strong business entity. Its founders were: Bogusław Pilszczek, Bożena Ciupińska, Jacek Wysocki – still main shareholders sitting on the Supervisory Board.

ES-SYSTEM S.A. forms the Capital Group in which it is the dominant entity.
Subsidiaries of the Group:

Production plants in which ES-SYSTEM S.A. has 100% share:

  • ES-SYSTEM Wilkasy sp. z o.o.
  • ES-SYSTEM NT sp. z o.o.

foreign subsidiaries:

  • ES-SYSTEM Lighting UK Ltd.

subsidiary, service company:

  • ES-SYSTEM Projekty Sp. z o.o.

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